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The Velocity of Love

Outstanding Achievement Award
The Wisconsin Library Association 2021

Published: 26 Aug 2020

Kathryn Gahl’s THE VELOCITY OF LOVE is a poetic memoir about wonder, loss, and longing. Kathryn’s magic lies in transforming unimaginable grief into everlasting grace.

Praise for The Velocity of Love

“A brave love song for a child too early lost. Prepare for a roller coaster range of emotions. And witness the love. Always the love."
— JULIA DAVIS, Director, Kiel Public Library 

"What I find most remarkable, then, is the ...

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About Kathryn Gahl

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Kathryn Gahl, who holds dual degrees in English and nursing, is a brightly lit performer whose use of language reaches out and grabs an audience. She thinks her focus on language began as a child, eating alphabet soup. Her multi-genre writing, deeply rooted in everyday life, combines a certain human pathos with quick wit and smile-worthy lines. Her works appear in three anthologies, three ekphrastic art shows, and over fifty journals, with awards from Glimmer Train, Marg...