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The Small Liver Literary and Little Postcard Post


Thank you for your wonderful oration. You made it so warm and professional. Our parents would enjoy your contribution and everyone's! Karl
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Book discussion in Northbrook, IL

Our group of eight read your poems for an hour. They were drawn to your work, wanting to hear the words, talk about what struck them, and then search for deeper meaning, as in Paper Cuts & Other Forms of Communication. We had a rich and lasting experience. Thank you!
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The Barnsite Gallery

Thank you so much for your inspirational poetry reading at the Barnsite Gallery last evening and for your helpful suggestions on furthering my every growing writing passion. I bought one of your books with the intention of giving it to my mother. But I started reading it and I'm enjoying it so much that I'm not sure I want to give it away. Perhaps I'll have to buy another copy.
William  Read More 
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Have I told you yet what an amazing book you wrote? I can't remember if I did or not.
It's just luscious, poignant and visually stunning.

This is another milestone for you and I'm so delighted
for you. Anyway, I love that book!
xooxx mirabee

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Enjoyed your book. Just reading the poem where the point-guard boy took you home. I chuckle when I read how your Dad saved the day by turning the lights on. I'm still chuckling.
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